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I`ve never been one for frugal ...... well at least i thought i wasnt ... but as of lately i have had to really watch the pennies .... which is a hard job and i take my hat of to those who have done it or are doing it

after living with my dh family for 2 years i did manage to pick up a few tricks of the trade and one of those was a chuchkuka  with veg ...such a simple dish and tasty

for this one the ingerdients are

3 peppers
1 big onion
3 tomatoes
1 aubergine
4 big potatoes
black pepper and salt

slice all veg in long strips
then place onion on bottom
then tomatoes
then peppers
the aubergine
the slice potaoes like you would if make chips (fries)

sprinkle a pinch of black pepper and salt and place a lid of top of saucepan (non stick would be better)

leave on a low heat ... their is no need for water unless you find it sticking a little on the bottom ... then just add a few drops

it takes about 20/30 mins to cook

spinach is also a very frugal dish and can be used in many dishes ..... as you would have seen in another post of mine ...... but today i just kept it simple

here i used 4 bunches of spinach

garlic ( as much or as little as you want )
i used abiout 5 cloves as i love garlic
black pepper and salt
3 eggs

i cut the spinch into very small pieces and then place in a pot and covered with a little water to boil it  when finished  cooking i drained it and left it to cool down then squezzed the water out

at this stage i place it into a frying pan with the crushed/grated garlic
black pepper and salt
and a little oil and cooked a little bit to allow the garlic to cook  then i added the eggs and mixed and allowed it to cook

now form where my mother in law comes from they like to add a little tomato puree to the mixture before adding the eggs and then the will drizzle some olive oil over it

well which ever way you choose it`s best eaten with a crusty french stick


  1. I love these simple dishes ma sha Allah and I like your new look too!

  2. oh jazak`allah khair sis ... thats so kind of you

  3. masha`allah jennifer ... and it can be made so many ways subhan`allah


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