Thursday, September 9, 2010

eid cakes

so tomorrow is eid yeaaaahhhhh

i`m not one for baking, and those that know me would tell you yes thats true, but this year alot has changed  and i started to bake some different types of cakes

so i`ve been asked are you baking for eid and as usual my answer no , well that was until last night when i decided to give it ago

so this morning off i went to the kitchen and started and by the time it was to break our fast i had finished masha`allah

i didn`t makelot of different kinds as i don`t know that much, but as the years go on i will try to increase it

so here is what i made

and now in a while i will make a carrot cake and maybe something else , i will just have to wait and see


  1. Aww, Masha'Allah sis. Your Eid cakes look wonderfully yummy, Masha'Allah. I am sure your family loved them. What is inside the bread kind?

  2. salam sara

    jazak`allah khair for your lovely comments the bread kind are very simple they are just

    6 eggs
    1 cup of sugar
    1 cup of oil
    baking powder about two tablespoons
    zest of a lemon
    and 1 kilo flour

    mix everything together except the flour once done add in the flour slowly until you have a soft dough ad for the brown area all i did was take a piece of dough and add chocolate powder to it till your satisfied

    then get your other dough and half it knead it and make into a ball and then roll it out like a sausage then add the chocolate part into the middle and bring the other dough over it and roll until it`s all inside

    place on a baking sheet and brush a with egg yolk mixed with milk then with a fork make lines from side to side and then started at the other end and go the opposite way and then place in oven

    these are called crooki (maybe my spelling is wrong) and the shape oned are made the same way except no chocolate inside , i have made them before and put raisins in them

  3. Mashaa Allah , wonderful baking goodies !

  4. Asalaam alaikum sister,
    Whereabouts in Algeria are you?
    I live in Draria, near Algiers
    I am also an irish revert with 4 kids!

  5. wa ailkum aslam

    masha`allah another irish sister, i live in bachdjarah near al harach near algiers , i too have four kids

  6. Asalaam alaikum, can I e mail you? (or you e mail me)
    Do you have a daughter that goes to the Saudi School? My son goes there, just wondering!

  7. of course you can email me mash`allah

    i have three daughters two of them go to school but private in kouba

    i would love to hear form you

  8. whats your e mail address sis? mine is

  9. yes you can get all the spices sam , esp if you go to the halal shop he will have most of those and the spice called carwia is just powdered cloves but you don`t have to use that

    you know most ppl just use recipes as a guide line and try different ways that suit them

    i think you would like it sam and if you can use basmati rice it`s much better with it

  10. Assalam alaykoum Sister,

    I was looking for kroky recipe as I want to surprise my husband as it's his favourite gateou! So Jazakhallak for this, I couldn't find anywhere all the internet (maybe in arabic but I don't speak it). I have just a question about the amount ; hoe much will be from this 1 kg flour? If I only want to make it for 2 person, should I decrease the amount to 50-70%? As you can see I'm not an expert in baking :)

    Thank you and Alllah yahafdak

  11. wa alikum asalam my dear sis ..i'm so sorry i havent seen this comment ..... if you half everything it should be fine ... but these type last and you dont need to worry about them