Thursday, September 30, 2010

tonights dinner

it`s hard always trying to this of what to cook for dinner as you don`t want to always cook the same things

so i took some chicken pieces out of the frezzer and thought what can i do with this , then i remembered i have some spinach

so along time ago a friend of mine showed me a red sauce using the spinach so i though let me add the chicken and see how this works


a few chicken pieces

some spinach



black pepper





place chicken and garlic in a pot with a little oil and put on a low heat  cook for about 5 mins

then add spices and cook for another few mins

then add some water or chicken stock

and let cook for a little while then add spinach and continue

once everything is nearly cook add a little tomato puree and let the sauce reduce a little

while all of this is cooking  fry up some chips and then add to sauce

insha`allah you will enjoy this , my kids left nothing on the plate masha`allah

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