Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A year has past

Asalamu alikum

alot has happen this last year we moved into our new home and even tho we moved it isnt finished but alhamdu lilah i love it ..

we have all turn a year older and my daughter seems to have gotten the baking bug and love making caked this is one of hers .. it is a simple sponge cake in fact it is 3 cut in to half and a coloring added to each ..she made a cream to place between each and then when assembled she covered it with cream and then place  fondant over  it and decorate it

she did this when we held the monthly meeting in my home and it went down a treat

since then she has been experimenting in the kitchen .... and i will hopefully post some of her creations here to show you 


The crusty is 

2 cups of flour 
10grms of baking powder 
a picnch of salt and sugar 
half cup of oil 
and water to bring it together 

the dough can be placed into the fridge for about a half hour 
this dough is very similar to a quiche crust 
.. the filling can be anything you like

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