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So this is oe of the cakes i made for eid .... now i`ll let you in a secret this is the second time i made them

The first time they didnt have the fullness like these one do ... but according to my dh and kids they tasted great

The problem the first time was i added to much egg white to the nut mixture and they to help firm it i kept adding sugar well that was all wrong

so this time around masha`allah i`m so pleased that it worked out ... and even better their my dh favorite type of cake ... so i can see him come home every so often with almonds for making them

The recipe for this was given to me by my neighbour

Nut Mixture

3 bowls of almonds (this works out about 1/2 kilo of almonds) and these were place in machine to powder them down
1 bowl of icing sugar
egg whites .( it will depend on the mixture as to how much you use ... i ended up using a little over two)


3 bowls of flour
1 bowl of melted butter/margarine


2 bowls of water to one bowl of sugar

Now even with the pastry i only did two bowls of flour and a little over half a bowl of butter

Mix the nut mixture together and shape into a sausage  length will depend on you
leave to the side

Mix all the ingredients for pastry and knead well ..... Place on a floured surface and roll out very thin / in the end it should look very see through  then make a rectangle shape with it place the nut mixture in the centre ... pull the pastry from the top and pull over the mixture the roll it slightly till you cover ther rest and allow the pastry to overlap just a little and that should be facing down .... allow to rest for 15 mins ....

then with a floured knife cut the size shape you want and rub some egg yolk on top and placed sliced almonds on top

place in the oven until golden brown

now at this satge your sirup should be ready it should feel stick to the touch and a little heavy

once you take the cakes out of the oven dip them into the warm sirup and place into le kiset  ( for some reason i have lost the word in english )

And thats it

My dh eats them with mint tea ... which is made daily in my home


  1. Salam alaikum sister,

    MashAllah these looks sooo tasty and plump / full of almonds. Got to got to try to make these...any chance I could use dates instead?... Would I still need to use egg whites?

    1. wa alikum aslam sis

      awww jazak`allah khair for your lovely comment ... as for using dates i dont think it would work with them .... i have never seen them with dates ... but you could always try a small amount to see .... the egg white was use to bring it together and also to allow for it to stay soft

    2. Thanks for the advice sis, I will keep this recipe bookmarked for a later date inshaAllah

    3. insha`allah sis and let me know when you try it and how it goes

  2. Masha Allah the cake looks yum! Well done sis!


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