Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A few Days Left

Subhan`allah theirs only and few day left and thats another ramadan finished ... i have to say it went too quick

I hope each and everyone of you have manged to get what you wanted form this blessed month and that it will continue  for you into the next year and it will make you stronger in your deen

Now normally half way through ramadan i get to a stage where i get fed up and dont know what to cook ... but this year masha`allah it only happened today .... and these are the days i love that my dh can cook when he wants and he takes over the kitchen .

so what did he make ..... well the pic says it all

this is a fish dish but can also be done with chicken  and any kind of fish ... i asked dh what fish this was he sai merlin ... but not sure about that

anyway the sauce was made by grating onion and garlic and frying in a little oil on a low heat ... while thats been done take some tomatoes and place in a bleander with some black pepper and salt and thyme and then blend.... add this mixture to the onions and cook f or a few mins then add some peppers that where just cut up and cook all together the sauc shouldnt have much liquid in it by the end

slice up some potatoes and fry them

as for the fish ... pan fry it in a non stick pan with very little oil and once cook take it aside

the rice is basmati  ans cook as you like tit to be cooked

then using a small bowl fill with the rice and pat it down then turn it over

at the side of this lay out some potatoes and place the piece of fish on top and then pour a little sauce over that

and thats it ...enjoy


  1. Masha'Allah looks delicious!

  2. Salam Alaikum Umm Imran,

    Too True this Ramadan has gone by sooo quickly! May Allah accept your fasts and good deeds during this month.

    MashAllah the fish dish looks delicious too, it's great that your hubby likes to help out in the kitchen it shows he appreciates all yours hardworks throughout the year! MashAllah.

  3. Wa Alkum Asalam Asmaa

    jazak`allah khair sis for your comment and for dropping by too