Saturday, May 14, 2011

dinner today

naughty me hasn`t really being posting .... sorry for that ... but as you know life gets busy from time to time espically when my dh is here

so today as usual i`m always think what to cook and i get fed up by it .... but my kids decided for me they all wanted matoum which is an algerian dish so as always too i have to make something along side with this as my dh like choice so i also made chlitha

matoum is made with chick peas garlic lot of garlic black pepper, salt, cumin, and carwia ,this is for the sauce
the mince is mixed with the same spices and an egg and made into ball and added and when everything is nearly cook you add some tomato puree

the chlitha is made from blacken peppers and placing in a bag to sweat it out then you chop up tomatoes and garlic and black pepper and salt and plack into a frying pan ... then cook til tomato is soft .... while this is cooking remove the skin from the peppers and slice in long strips and then add to the tomatoes ... now some ppl like it hot so i add a little harissa (chilli paste) to it and let it cook a further 2 mins and take of heat

and that`s it .... enjoy

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