Saturday, May 28, 2011


so it`s the season for betingel (aubergines) .... at first i really didnt like them but as time went on i became fond of  it .... their are may ways to cook them but here it`s either just fried as this my dh like ... or i like the in a chukkuka  with tomato and garlic and spices and cheese and eggs and finished off in the oven .....

so go on give it a try .... we sure ate it all .....


  1. Salam alaykom,

    That looks so delicious Anisa!!! I don't like eggplant THAT much but I love anything with egg and cheese! Please can you add a little more detail so I can try this :) Or PM me...whatever you like :)

    Jazakallah Khairan :)

  2. awww jazak`allah khair qaisha ... it`s so lovely seeing you follow my blog ... one thing i will tell you is that you dont really taste the egg plant ..... any way the way i cook it is i take the skin of the egg plant and slice them thinly then shallow fry them and put them aside... then dice up tomatoes and grate about 5 cloves of garlic now you can use more or less it`s up to you and add spices of your choice then when their all soften add back your eggplant and grate some cheese ... or do any cheese of your choice then add eggs .... this also is your choice as to how mant in mine i put 5 ... then place in the oven to allow eggs to cook ... just before set grate some more cheese on top