Friday, May 23, 2014

Ramadan is coming

Ramdan is coming 

Oh my peeps ... i keep saying this and then nothing it has been way too long 

Alhamdu lilah i'm back on line and moving to my new home soon and just in time for ramadan ...i'm so looking forward to this and to getting back in to posting on my blog ... thank you to those who have sent messages and to those who follow me ....

if their is anyone who would like to post a guest post and a recipe or two then please get in touch i would love to write you up on my blog as a way of saying thank you 


  1. Salams is MEeeeeee from the old forum. I was so happy to see this update in my email. Mashallah keep writing as I miss hear from you.

    I would like to send you a recipe/post just so you keep things constant here.....but you know me, I don't have any blog etc.

  2. wa Alikum Asalam Aisha ... so good to hear from you i miss you too .... malish it doesnt matter that you dont have a blog just send me an email with it and i will post it for you ... In Shaa Allah you and the kids are all well

  3. As-Salaamu Alaykum Ukhti,
    Thank you for coming over to my blog the other day Alhamdulillah your back and ready to blog :)
    I would love to share a recipe on your blog, you can choose any from the blog or i can share my next one with you but just one thing, it's not Algerian.
    BTW if you don't already know I've changed my blog here is my new address
    In sha Allah i pray all goes well with moving home,

    1. wa Alikum Asalam your so welcome sis ... oh jazak Allah khair for wanting to share ... i will go through them or you tell me what one you want to post and it doesnt matter it's not algerian

  4. Thx 4 sharing, Warning! Have you heard..

    Take Care

  5. Salaamu aleikoum
    Nice to see you blogging again sis Anisa. And is that Qaisha from MMC? Machallah!
    Mabrouk on your new home Anisa may it always be filled with joy and blessings.
    my blog has moved too ...

    1. Wa Alikum Asalam heni Aww jazak Allah khair and yes it is aisha from mmc Ameen to your dua ... oh Ma Shaa Allah i will bookmark it and add it to my blog list