Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ramadan is coming

Asalamu Alikum

Subhan`allah it has been way too long since i posted anything here ... i kind of lost myself when it has come to cooking and have tended to stick with the same thing over and over again...

but ma'shaa'allah ramadan is coming and even tho i want this year to be about worship and pleasing allah cooking also will come into this ... i will try to stick not not cooking as much as i have done in previous years and try to stick to the way i did it last year ...

I am looking forward to what this ramadan will bring me in the way of deen and my family and the changes that came this year too

So stayed tuned my friends and in'shaa'allah by the mercy of allah i hope to be able to place some new thing on my blog

Jazak`allah khair
Anisa umm imran


  1. Wa alaikum salam wa rahmatullah Anisa,

    Good to hear from you sister, I look forward to your upcoming foodie posts in sha Allah may Allah let us reach the blessed month and benefit from it.

    Asmaa /At home with Asmaa

    1. oh ma'shaa'allah sis it's great to hear from you ... ameen to your dua

  2. I agree with you ...Ramadan is not about food but about worship and reflection....

    1. ma'shaa'allah ... last year i managed to stay up and pray night prayers and i felt great .. this year i will try to do more and involve my kids in it too

  3. Salaamu aleikouù, You're right Ramadan is now here. Enchallah praying your Ramadan is blessed and full of worship! Allah maaki