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Pocasi/ split green pea soup

Asalamu alikum

Well it sure has been a long time since i posted so i thought let me share this Pocasi recipe with you while i remember

This soup is made from split green peas

first i wash the peas and then add them to my pot (i used a pressure cooker)

i added onion ... garlic..... i diced up carrots ...courgettes...and potato into  really small bits and added to the pot i also added black pepper....salt ...cumin...and razel hanut....

fill with water and placed lid on  and allowed to cook about 30 to 40 mins in total ... then let the pressure out and open then  stir.... if you need more water add and allow to cook towards the end add some tomato puree and allow to thicken up a little .... when i make this i do not use oil and i should say that this type of soup will continue to thicken and even the next day you will need to add more water to thin out ... but masha`allah is a really nice soup


  1. mashallah looks yummy....we eat this soup too, it makes a nice change in ramadhan....

  2. Assalaamu alaikum...
    Nice to see a blog post mashallah.. and one of my favourite soups too.. :)

  3. MashAllah you have an nice blog here sis :) This looks good as well.

    Btw if you have time we would love to have you:

  4. Salam alikum sis,

    Tasty winter warmer soup mashaAllah nice to see you back posting x

  5. mmm looks delicious! Nice winter dish!

    1. jazak allah khair sis karima ... indeed it is ma sha allah

  6. Salams. Hey this is great! I made this for my baby a few days ago (minus the pepper ofcourse). :) Came out great. InshaAllah will try it again and this tie I will be remembering you. Nice blog. JazakAllah for all the recipes.

    1. wa alikum asalam sis and wai aki sis ,,, it really is a good dish and cheap to make too

  7. Assalamualaikum! in sha Allah I will follow some recipes in Ramadan from your blog.
    JazakiAllah hu khairan!
    Keep us updated and do follow my blog too :)

    1. please give me your link and i will follow you sis

  8. wa alikum asalam sis ... oh jazak`allah khair for fropping by .. in'shaa'allah i will do my best to make updates

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