Thursday, April 19, 2012

Just Simple and Hits the Spot

After a couple of weeks of having the kids at home and my dad and dh being here too and the amount of cooking that got done ... you can well imagine when the kids are back at school and dh and my dad gone that i like to take it easy thats what i do .... and to have easy meals that take no time at all in cooking is what i look for

i love all in ones that you can just place on a big plate and get stuck into

so here we have some mince cooked with onion and garlic ... black pepper..salt...cumin... and carwia..... 2 tomatoes chopped and a little tomato puree cooked together adding a little water to help  and then when finished adding cooked pasta of your choice  and bring it together and enjoy .......

their is one lovely recipe i want to try courtesy of a friend  thats belong to a forum i`m on  and it looks really good it looks like a lasagne take a look 


  1. Esalaamu aleikoum loks fab and simple sis, enchallah will try out! Allah maakoum

  2. Masha'Allah looks delish, I'm also a big fan of one pot/plate meals! Just one question sis, what is Carwia?

    Emma x

  3. Jazak`allah khair emma ... take a look here and it will tell you

  4. mashallah it looks really it tasted nice too!!

  5. well by the end their was nothing left and even the little one had seconds ,,,, jazakallah khair