Wednesday, November 3, 2010

baby cardigan

i really wanted to make a cardigan for my daughter so i google to see what i could find and found a really good tutorial and a very simple way of making it


and this is what i came up with ... the only problem is that it is for a new born... so after a sleepless night i found a way of making it for my nearly 11 month old ..... so that will be my next project

so some lucky person out their will be getting this cardigan for their daughter


  1. well done Theresa it's lovely

  2. Assalamo alaikum,

    MashaAllah I can't believe you are a begiiner and you've made this much progress so quickly! You are inspiring me to get my crotchet hook out again.

  3. jazak`allah khair sis that means so much....i`m loving it and always thinking what i can do next.... you should try to do some more .... i`ve started to teach my girls ... they really wanted to learn

  4. Essalam Alaikum, Masha'allah you are very talented! Doesn't look as if this is new for you! Barakallahu Feeki! Sister, please put links where you are getting the tutorials. Jazakallahu Khairun.