Saturday, August 28, 2010


so today is just one of those day i sit back and look at my kids and think subhan`allah , allah truly bleesed me .

yes their are time that they drive me crazy but i couldn`t live without them , my son who does everything that he is asked all day he goes back and fort to the shop buying and even in this heat and he`s fasting he never complains ....

the my two big girls help so much in the kitchen and after iftar they let my sit and relax and they wash and tidy the kitchen for me

then the baby she just makes me laugh all the time the faces she pulls masha`allah , and now she is coming to us wanting to kiss us all the time it is so precious

i ask allah that he keep them on the straight path that he guide them to do right by him and by us and that their off spring will be blessed just like them insha`allah

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